Succulent Plant List

*Please note that Adromischus are difficult to ship without leaves breaking off. The detached leaves can be planted and rooted to create new plants.

Adromischus alstonii $8, red, rooted leaves
Adromischus cooperi $6
Adromischus cristatus $5, regular form
Adromischus cristatus v. schonlandii $5, hairy trunks
Adromischus filicaulis “Bloodstone” $6,  short green with red splotches
Adromischus filicaulis “Indian Beads” $10, tiny delicate gray beads with spots
Adromischus filicaulis marlothii $6, strings of peas
Adromischus filicaulis (hybrid?) “Titanic” $8
Adromischus leucophyllus $6,  white
Adromischus maculatus, $5   2 forms, white or spotted red
Adromischus mammillaris $5

All Adromischus marianiae are limited to ONLY One Plant per order!

Adromischus marianiae “Bryan Makin” $18, several forms
Adromischus marianiae “Little Spheroid” $8 plump heart shaped leaves, fast growing,
Adromischus marianiae herrei, “Butter Nut” $18
Adromischus marianiae herrei, “Raspberry Carbuncle” $18
Adromischus marianiae herrei, “Green Coral” $18
Adromischus marianiae herrei, “Popcorn Shrimp” $18
Adromischus marianiae  Red Coral x Little Spheroid, “Pop Hearts” $25

Adromischus puchellus $4
Adromischus roaneanus $4
Adromischus schuldtianus, brown with ruffled edges $6
Adromischus schuldtianus juttae $5
Adromischus subviridis $8
Adromischus subdistichous $6
Adromischus triflorus $5, 2 forms
Adromischus trigynus $5, 2 forms
Adromischus umbraticula $6

Albuca “Augrabies Hill” $4
Albuca circinata $4
Albuca circinata x spiralis $5, spiral leaves
Albuca namaquensis $4, spiral tops
Albuca navicaularis $8
Albuca spiralis $7
Albuca unifolia x scabrocostatum $6, ~3/4″ bulb, was supposed to be pure unifolia, neat striations
Avonia buderiana $5
Anacampseros arachnoides, $4 tear drop leaves
Anacampseros baeseckei $4 karasmontana?, very hairy
Anacampseros crinita $4, filimentosa?, great miniature
Astroloba aspera $5
Bulbine praemorsa $4, green onion like
Ceraria pygmaea $6
Drimia haworthioides $5
Euphorbia debilispina $6, 4″ fingers, limited
Euphorbia infausta $6

Haworthia hybrid seedlings $8-20, ask for details
Haworhia attenuata “Concolor” $5
Haworthia angustifolia $4, grows into a nice “Chia Pet”
Haworthia “Bev’s Favorite” $12
Haworthia chloracantha $4, green “Chia Pet”
Haworthia comptoniana $8 or $12, last 2 left
Haworthia cooperi v. truncata $5
Haworthia cymbiformis var. planifolia $5, large clustering rosettes
Haworthia “Korizato” $12
Haworthia “Japanese Hybrid” $12, textured whitish pink rosette
Haworthia magnifica atrofusca $10
Haworthia “Mars” $10, Bill Baker brown maughanii hybrid
Haworthia minima $5, good form
Haworthia mirabilis paradoxa $8 brown
Haworthia mirabilis v. mirabilis $8 “Bat Wings”
Haworthia mirabilis hybrid $8, fine brown form
Haworthia nigra, $6, 2 or 3 forms
Haworthia parksiana $5
Haworthia poellnitziana $8, nice seedlings with ivory warts
Haworthia retusa $6, 2 forms
Haworthia retusa var. suberecta $4
Haworthia retusa x splendens hybrid $8
Haworthia “Super bayeri” $20, C and D hybrid w/ super glossy budging windows
Haworthia truncata $10-$15, limited; hybrids are $8, crusty windows
Haworthia truncate maughanii $25, broken up clusters and seedlings
Haworthia venosa v. tessellata $5, some better forms are available
Haworthia viscosa $5 2 forms, big or medium

Kalanchoe rhombopilosa $4 gray freckled fans, 3 clones
Kalanchoe schizophylla $3 active dimorphic grower
Kedrostis nana $8, grows into giant tuber
Lachenalia aloides $4 tricolored flowers
Lachenalia splendida $4 purple flowers
Lachenila sp. $4 bubbly leaves
Ledebouria crispa $8, crispate leaves
Ledebouria socialis violacea minor $4 small patterned leaves,
Massonia pustulata $6 bulb, fat warty leaves
Monanthus subcrassicaulis $4
Ornithogalum britteniae $10
Ornithogalum dubium $5, orange flowers
Ornithogalum osmynellum $6, small clustering bulbs
Poellnitzia rubiflora $5
Senecio acaulis $4 fat roots
Senecio articulata $3 leafy snake
Senecio barbertonicus $4, uncommon, Could Be Peperomia?
Senecio citriformis $4
Senecio galpinii $4
Senecio herrei $4 creeping footballs
Senecio pendulus $4 fat worms
Senecio pictacaulis $4 purple flowers
Senecio rowleyanus,  variegated  $4, or non-variegated, $3
Senecio sagenata $4
Senecio stapeliaeformis ssp. minor $4 snake plant
Tylecodon boddleyae $6, rooted cuttings
Tylecodon buchholzianus, small $6, bigger $10
Tylecodon deciphiens / sinus-alexandrii $4
Tylecodon fragilis $6
Tylecodon grandifolia $6
Tylecodon paniculatus $6-15
Tylecodon paniculatus dinteri $6-15
Tylecodon striata $4
Tylecodon torulosus $6