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We are Open Again!!

We actually moved to the City of Orange, 15 miles inland from our old place in Costa Mesa.

It was an epic move, but before we could move we had to build new greenhouses and benches to store our plants. It took many more months than we expected, but finally it’s done. Now, we are still reorganizing and unpacking.

The City of Orange is much warmer, so many plants are doing much better, but the dormant plants are suffering. It’ll take some time to sort it all out and we still need to build more structures to hold all our plants.


Updated on: 11/9/2019

Added the Conophytum plants to  the end of the Mesemb Plant Page.
And added some new Cono seeds.

Only one plant or packet per order, very limited!

Will have more Cono species later in the season.