Mesemb Photos

We posted these photos years ago and many of them are no longer in staock.

The sale Conophytums are usually 1-3 heads. When specified as clumps, they are 3-7 or more heads. Most of the photos in this section are of multiple sales plants in one pot.

Conophytum angelicae

Conophytum arthurolfago

Conophytum bilobum, yellow flowers, Form 1

Conophytum blandum

Conophytum chrisocruxum, 8 year old plant,

Conophytum cubicum

Conophytum devium ssp. stiriiferum

Conophytum ectypum ssp. brownii, yellow flowers.
The pink flowered clone is very similar

Conophytum ficiforme

Conophytum ficiforme X minimum “Witteburgense”
Several clumps in a single pot. Now only available as plants with 1-2 heads,

Conophytum limpidum

Conophytum lithopsoides

Conophytum X “Mabel’s Milkman”, orange flowers “Out of Stock”

Conophytum x marnierianum, orange flowers

Conophytum meyeri

Conophytum minimum, top
Conophytum minutum var. pearsonii, bottom “Out of Stock”

Conophytum obcordellum “Pictoratum”

Conophytum obcordellum

Conophytum obcordellum var. declinatum

Conophytum piluliforme, fast clumper

Conophytum ricardianum

Conophytum tantilllum ssp. inexpectum

Conophytum taylorianum

Conophytum truncatum var. wiggettiae, spotted

Conophytum uviforme