Cactus Plant List

Cleistocactus samaipatanus $4, super great flowers
Cleistocactus winteri ssp. aureispinus $4
Cleistocactus winteri ssp. colademono $6, 3 clones “Monkey Tails”
Copiapoa hypogaea $6
Copiapoa laui $6
Copiapoa monstrose varieties tenuis/hypo/laui $10 and $12, several different clones
Coryphantha macromeris var runyonii inermis $5
Coryphantha maiz-tablasensis $4 – $6
Echinocereus knippelianus $5
Echinopsis chamaecereus hybrids $4; “Fire Chief”(Intense Purple/Orange)
Echinopsis haematantha v. amblayensis $4, orange flowers
Echinopsis hybrids $2-4 seedlings with guaranteed great flowers
Echinopsis saltensis $4 Super Ultra Pink Purple Flowers!
Escobaria minima $7, rooted clones of “Minima Maxima”
Frailea magnifica $7
Frailea mammifera $7
Frailea schilinzkyana $6
Gymnocalycium horstii $6
Gymnocalycium horstii monstrose $10, glossy balls
Gymnocalycium bruchii $4
Hatiora salicornioides $4
Mammillaria x unknown hybrid, flattened hooked spines, $10
Mammillaria crinita monstrose $6,
Mammillaria elongata v. minima “Gold Nugget” $6
Mammilaria hernandezii $8
Mammilaria “Fred” monstrose $10
Mammillaria patonii $6 great pink flowers
Mammillaria schwarzii $7, white spined easy to grow clone
Neoporteria floccosa $4, hairy
Neoporteria islayensis $5
Neoporteria napina $4,   purple spineless
Neoporteria senilis $4, bird’s nest
Neoporteria senilis v. bicolor $4, black spines
Neoporteria senilis v. nidus $4 hairy
Neoporteria occulta $4
Neoporteria odieri $4
Neoporteria vexata $5 purple
Pereskiopsis species $1.50 great seedling grafting stock, rooted cutting.
Pygmaeocereus bieblii $9, Big
Pygmaeocereus bylesianus $6
Rebutia albiflora $4 white/pink flowers
Rebutia albipilosa $4 orange flowers
Rebutia fabrisii $4 orange flowers, sprawling
Rebutia heliosa $6 orange flowers,
Rebutia heliosa ssp. condorensis $5 red flowers, super great clumper
Rebutia heliosa var. teresae $5
Rebutia muscula $4 orange flowers
Sulcorebutia crispa $5
Sulcorebutia canigueralii $5, bicolored flowers
Sulcorebutia hoffmanniana $4
Sulcorebutia rauschii “Cherry Bomb” $10, rooted cuttings, very purple
Sulcorebutia santiaginensis $4
Turbinicarpus jauernigii $6 3/4 in. across
Turbinicarpus pseudomacroch. ssp. minimus $6
Turbinicarpus schmiedickeanus v. klinkerianus $5  OUT OF STOCK

Opuntioid Corner
Austrocylindropuntia subulata $3, good grafting stock for Opuntioids
Austrocylindropuntia vestita $4 white fur, red flowers
Cumulopuntia rossiana fuaxiana $7, like a small faster growing Puna bonnieae
Maihueniopsis (Puna) bonnieae v. minor $8, Out Of Stock
Maihueniopsis (Puna) bonnieae v. major $8, Out Of Stock
Maihueniopsis (Puna) clavarioides $8 to $11 –Out Of Stock
Maihueniopsis minuta $6, Out
Maihueniopsis nigraspina $5
Maihueniopsis ovata $5,
Maihueniopsis (Puna) subterranean $6, Out
Maihueniopsis (Puna) subterranean v lazlo $8, tiny golden spines, big clumps, Out
Opuntia microdasys $4, 3 forms; monstrose (big gold wavy paddles), white “Bunny Ears”, and tiny monstrose
Opuntia monacantha variegated monstrose $5, “Dragon Skin” red/pink/green misshaped thin paddles
Pterocactus kuntzei $4 quickly forms tuberous roots
Pterocactus tuberosus $4-6 quickly forms tuberous roots
Tephrocactus alexanderi $6, few downward pointing spines, unrooted –OUT Of Stock
Tephrocactus articulatus diadematus (inermis) $4
Tephrocactus articulatus papyracanthus $4, regular or super fat and long spines,
Tephrocactus molinensis $4, copper colored spines Out of Stock
Tunilla corrugata $4 tiny very spiny triangle paddles
Tunilla picardol $4 tiny spiny paddles