Mesemb Plant List

Note: you can see a picture of almost every plant on our list by Googling it. Highlight the plant name, the name will come up in your Google search engine, click on it and then push enter.

Acrodon bellidiflorus $4, candy stripe flowers
Acrodon purpureostylus $4, super rich purple flowers
Acrodon subulatus $4, reddish flowers
Acrodon purpureostylus X bellidiflorus $4, good flower, sprawling
Aloinopsis luckhoffii $4, several forms
Aloinopsis malherbei $5
Aloinopsis rosulata $4
Aloinopsis rubrolineata $4 fat roots
Aloinopsis schooneesii $4 or $7, fat plants
Aloinopsis setifera $4
Aloinopsis spathulata x $4 great flowers, fat roots, more hardy than the true species
Antigibbaeum fissoides $3
Antimima dualis $4
Antimima ventricosa $4
Argyroderma dealaetii, roseum $4
Argyroderma fissum $4
Argyroderma framesii v. hallii $4
Braunsia maximiliani $4, great rock garden creeper
Cheiridopsis imitans $3
Cheiridopsis meyeri v. minor $4 small mat former, dimorphic leaves, dormant
Cheiridopsis perculiaris $4
Cheiridopsis pillansii $3, the best Cheiridopsis flowers
Cheiridopsis pillansii v. crassa $4, white flowers

The Conophytums are all dormant and will be ready back on the list next Fall

Delosperma crassum $4, thick trunks
Delosperma esterhuyseniae $3
Disphyma dunsdonii $3
Faucaria bosscheana $3
Faucaria felina $4 big red teeth
Faucaria hooleae $4 small dark green and purple heads
Faucaria longidens $4 long leaves with teeth
Faucaria smithii $4 fine pink teeth
Faucaria subintegra $4 neat, 3 clones
Faucaria tigrina $4 very nice forms, white/violet or purple Out Of Stock
Faucaria tuberculosa “Super Warty” $4, Out Of Stock
Faucaria wolfii $4, looks like tigrina
Gibbaeum album $4
Gibbaeum esterhuyseniae $4
Gibbaeum heathii $4, tiny green multiplying eggs
Gibbaeum pubescens $4
Gibbaeum pubescens ssp. shandii $3
Gibbaeum velutinum $4
Glottiphyllum longum $3 green jello leaves
Glottiphyllum muirii $3
Jensenobotrya lossowiana $3 very thin stems that break easily, but can be easily rooted Out Of Stock
Jutterdinteria kovisimontana $4, toothy white, winter grower, easy to kill
Lithops aucampiae flumilis $4
Lithops bromfieldii mennellii $4
Lithops fulviceps $3
Lithops jullii fulleri $4
Lithops lesliei hornii $4
Lithops lesliei mariae $4
Lithops localis $3
Lithops pseudotruncatella $3
Lithops salicola $3
Mestoklema arboriforme $2
Nananthus X pink flower $3, fat roots
Nananthus vittatus $4, tiny leaves, huge fat roots
Neohenrica sibbettii $4
Neohenrica spiculata $5 rare in cultivation
Neohenrica sibbettii X Stomatium hybrid $5
Odontophorus nanus $4 toothy
Pleiospilos nelii “Royal Flush” $8
Schwantesia ruedebuschii “marlothii” $3
Stomatium agninum $3
Stomatium alboroseum $4
Stomatium alboroseum “rubra” $4
Stomatium duthiae $3
Stomatium mustellinum $3
Stromatium niveum $4, grey with white flowers
Stomatium pyrodorum $3, look like miniature agaves
Stomatium resedolens $4, super toothy
Stomatium suaveolens $4, no teeth, turns purple will good sun
Stomatium suricatiorum $4,
Stomatium trifarium $4 very toothy and textured
Titanopsis calcarea $6
Titanopsis primosii $4 many forms
Trichodiadema bulbosum $3
Trichodiadema densum $3
Trichodiadema fergusonii $4, super fat carrot roots, great flowers
Trichodiadema marlothii $4, compact, purple flowers
Trichodiadema mirabile $4 long leaves and stems, white flowers
Wooleya farinosa $4