Succulent Plant List

*Please note that Adromischus are difficult to ship without leaves breaking off. The detached leaves can be planted and rooted to create new plants.

Adromischus alstonii $8, silver or red forms
Adromischus cooperi $6, 2 forms
Adromischus cristatus $5, regular form
Adromischus cristatus v. schonlandii $5, hairy trunks
Adromischus filicaulis “Bloodstone” $8,  short green with red splotches
Adromischus filicaulis “Indian Beads” $8, tiny delicate gray beads with spots
Adromischus filicaulis marlothii $6, strings of peas
Adromischus filicaulis (hybrid?) “Titanic” $8, big
Adromischus leucophyllus $6,  white
Adromischus maculatus, $5   Red tipped, big puchellus
Adromischus mammillaris $5

All Adromischus marianiae are limited to ONLY One Plant of each Type per order!

Adromischus marianiae $8, textured green beans with red tips, “Immaculatus”
Adromischus marianiae “Battleship” $18, clanwilliam
Adromischus marianiae “Bryan Makin” $18
Adromischus marianiae “Bryan Makin Hybrid” $12, big elongated grey spotted leaves
Adromischus marianiae “kubusensis” $18, red and textured
Adromischus marianiae “Little Spheroid” $10 fast growing,
Adromischus marianiae hallii $, Grey form, Out of Stock
Adromischus marianiae hallii $, Red Form, Out of Stock
Adromischus marianiae herrei, “Butter Nut” $20
Adromischus marianiae herrei, “Raspberry Carbuncle” $20
Adromischus marianiae herrei, “Green Coral” $20
Adromischus marianiae herrei, “Lime Drops” $20
Adromischus marianiae herrei, “Popcorn Shrimp” $20
Adromischus marianiae herrei hybrid “Pink Slipper”$20
Adromischus marianiae herrei x Little Spheroid hybrid “Pop Hearts” $28

Adromischus puchellus $4
Adromischus roaneanus $4
Adromischus schuldtianus, brown with ruffled edges $6
Adromischus schuldtianus, spotted $8
Adromischus schuldtianus juttae $5
Adromischus subviridis $8
Adromischus triflorus $5, 2 forms
Adromischus trigynus $5, 2 forms
Adromischus umbraticula $6

Aloe hybrid “Secret Agent” , Zimmerman Hybrid Out of Stock
Aloe hybrid “Sugar” $8 Kelly Griffith
Aloe plicatilis $15, from seed
Albuca “Augrabies Hills” $4
Albuca namaquensis $5
Albuca spiralis $6 thin leaved form
Aloe castilloniae $8
Avonia buderiana $8
Anacampseros arachnoides, $4 tear drop leaves
Anacampseros baeseckei $4 karasmontana?, very hairy
Ceraria pygmaea $6
Crassula “Dorothy” $6
Crassula tecta $6
Echidonopsis “McCoy” $8
Echidnopsis repens $5
Euphorbia debilispina $6
Euphorbia infausta $6
Euphorbia pseudocactus lyttoniana $10, finely patterned
Euphorbia sepulta $18
Gasteria armstrongii $6, smooth green
Gasteria armstrongii $8-$12, warty dark green, small plant or big clump
Gasteria batesiana Barberton $8
Gasteria variegated forms, $8-$12, several types
Gasteria verrucosa $12 very nice
Graptopetalum pachyphyllum $6 small clustered grapes

Haworthia hybrids, “Plaid” $12, “Zebra Toe” $15
Haworthia attenuata “Wet Paint” $6
Haworthia angustifolia $4, grows into a nice “Chia Pet”
Haworthia x “Super Bayeri”  $12
Haworthia cooperi v. truncata $6
Haworthia hydrid “Kotohime” $8
Haworthia magnifica atrofusca $8
Haworthia minima $5,
Haworthia mirabilis paradoxa $8
Haworthia mirabilis, “Bat Wings” $8
Haworthia mirabilis mundula $10, dark brown with big windows
Haworthia mirabilis hybrid $8, fine brown form
Haworthia parksiana $6
Haworthia retusa $6, 2 forms
Haworthia cymbiformis variegated $10, Ivory and green
Haworthia retusa x splendens hybrid $8
Haworthia splendens $15, silver w/ pointy leaves
Haworthia truncata “Lime Green” $10 big
Haworthia truncata x “Frosted Flakes” $10
Haworthia venosa v. tessellata $14, “Fang”
Haworthia venosa v. tessellata $10, IB5151 LAV
Haworthia viscosa $5, 2 forms, big or medium

Huernia kennedyana $10, great toothy flowers
Kalanchoe rhombopilosa $5, 3 clones
Ledebouria luteola $4
Ledebouria socialis violacea minor $4, small spotted leaves
Monadenium schubei ‘Tanzania Red’ $50, Very Rare,  4+ inch rooted cuttings
Pachypodium lamerei $18,  big seedlings
Piaranthus pillansii $8
Senecio acaulis $4 fat roots
Senecio barbertonicus $7, uncommon, could be a Peperomia?
Senecio citriformis $4
Senecio galpinii $6, forms sweet caudex
Senecio herreanus $4
Senecio macroglossus variegated $5, trailing variegated ivy
Senecio pendulus $5 fat worms
Senecio pictacaulis $4 purple flowers
Senecio peregrinus $5, “String of Dolphins”
Senecio rowleyanus,  variegated  $4
Tylecodon buchholzianus $8 – $15 for larger
Tylecodon deciphens/sinus-alexandrii $6
Tylecodon paniculatus $10-$15, bigger plants
Tylecodon paniculatus dinteri $10-$15, bigger plants